Sunday, July 10, 2011

Market Meal


Last Thursday was a great day for the Medford Farmers Market. Lots of vendors,lots of people,some energetic young folks pedaling their way through the summer, bicycle themed exhibits, and the band powered by onlookers pedaling.

Dinner was a market meal -- 100% from the market (except for the basil I clipped from the garden):

From Spring Brook Farm:  Carrots, zuchini, corn.
From Clearview Farm: Spring onion, brocolli, fresh garlic (from the week before)
From my garden:  a few handfuls of basil, leaves whole
From When Pigs Fly:  Sundried tomato bread

All but the corn (and bread...though adding the bread to the vegetable mixture might be a good idea!) cut into pieces that promised to cook at the same rate after a light coating of oil on the grill, in the grill wok. For the spring onion, I cut from the stem (picture a really hefty scallion) and sliced thinly.  For the fresh garlic, I also cut from the stem, but shaved it all very thin -- about a tablespoon or two -- it was intense.  About 10 minutes in the grill wok over low heat was enough, tossing and turning.

On the other half of the grill I did the corn, shucked, coated lightly with oil, and turned a couple of times to prevent over-charring.

A little salt and pepper to season, and we were ready to go with a simple meal, all from the market.  Simple, naturally, sweet, and filling -- perfect for a summer day.  And I avoided using the stove yet again. 

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