Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Late June Market Meal

IMG_9137 The Medford Farmers Market has been going strong for a few weeks now this season, and getting better every week. They have a new location right in Medford Square. The vibe is good and so is the music. And lots to choose from. I couldn't make it myself this week, but Susan came through with a nice assortment of goodies to make a Friday night meal (and she stayed away from the sweets this time!)

I like to do serial dinners, and Susan's market basket was perfect.  The snap peas from Brigham Farm were sitting in the refrigerator already in that white bowl you see in the picture.  Nothing else needed but to put out a little bowl for the green strings.  Sweet and tender.  A perfect snack to have sitting on the table outdoors in the backyard for everyone to enjoy while I got the rest of the meal going.

The sweet corn from Spring Brook Farm were a pleasant surprise for so early in the season.  I couldn't believe they came from New England.  Rubbed with a light coating of olive oil and cooked over medium heat on a closed grill for about seven or eight minutes, and they were perfect.  A little butter and a squeeze of lime gave it a little zing.

Susan had bought these two veal steaks from Misty Brook Farm based on the RAVE reviews from one of the other market customers.  I don't know what cuts of meat these were, but I put them in the fridge overnight Thursday to thaw.  Given the rave reviews, I figured I wouldn't do too much to it.  The rule of steak is that if it's REALLY GOOD steak, a little salt and pepper is all you want.  I popped these babies on the grill for about 3 or 4 minutes per side, being afraid of overcooking them.  The small boneless piece came out perfect.  The larger bone-in piece was a little underdone (according to Susan, who loves underdone).  Either way though, these had to have been among the best pieces of meat I've ever eaten.  They each had a complex flavor enhanced by the salt and pepper.  And tender!

Finally, sliced strawberries also from Spring Brook Farm with blueberries from Clearview Farm with a little Grand Marnier.  (OK....I didn't get the Grand Marnier from the market!)  The strawberries were deep red throughout, tender, sweet and juicy.  The blueberries plump and sweet.  The Grand Marnier gave oozed the juices out from the strawberries a bit and gave both fruits a little more depth and a kick.

Susan can shop for me at the market anytime!

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